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Touristinformation of Ljustorp

We can help you with everythin regarding your visit in Ljustorp and in the region. We can help you to book cabin, guide, activities or attractions. We got a huge knowledge about our area and can always help you further.

We are situated outside the local grocery in Ljustorp.

Opening hours 15/6 till 15/8: All times
Staff is avaliable: 30/6-31/7 weekdays at at 11 to 3 o'clock
Other hours you can get personal help in the local grocery who function as a back up for questions.

Kontact +46 70-660 03 86, meil: turist (at) ljustorp.se
How to find us: google maps Latitude: N 62 37' 7,014" Longitude: E 17 20' 25,6524"

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Ansvarig för webbplatsen: Ljustorp socken ekonomisk förening, Öppom 110, 861 93 Ljustorp