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Ljustorp´s turistinformation

We can help you with everythin regarding your visit in Ljustorp and in the region. We can help you to book cabin, guide, activities or attractions. We got a huge knowledge about our area and can always help you further.

We are situated outside the local grocery in Ljustorp.

Opening hours 15/6 till 15/8: Weekdays 9-19, Saturdays 10-16, Sunday 11-15
Staff is avaliable: 30/6-31/7 alla days at at 11 to 3 o'clock
Other hours you can get personal help in the local grocery who function as a back up for questions.

Kontact +46 70-660 03 86, meil: turist (at) ljustorp.se
How to find us: google maps Latitude: N 62 37' 7,014" Longitude: E 17 20' 25,6524"

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Ansvarig för webbplatsen: Ljustorp socken ekonomisk förening, Öppom 110, 861 93 Ljustorp